Passenger Entertainment is a booking and management company founded in 2017 by Adam Clarke and Joe Day. Its goal is simple: to find creators with promise and help them reach the next level of their career through a holistic approach to artist development. Passenger believes that regardless of whether an artist is brand new to the scene or already established, they can benefit from a strategic partnership wherein attention to detail is emphasized. The company is committed to raising the bar within the alternative music industry with regard to ethics and best practices, and subscribes to the idea that transparency and trust between an artist and their team is required in order for either to truly flourish. A sustainable career is more fulfilling than an overnight success, and an experienced set of eyes and ears can prove vital in bridging the gap between a project and its long-term objectives. As the company's logo suggests, Passenger is animated by the philosophy that when individuals who are on the same wavelength come together and work diligently, the possibilities are infinite. 

Our Story

Adam Clarke and Joe Day first crossed paths in 2016 while Clarke's band Rarity were touring Canada in support of Seaway. Day, a newcomer to Canada from the UK, was eager to forge connections with individuals as passionate about the arts as himself. After moving to Toronto, Day landed a gig at Artist In Motion as a full-time booking agent and reconnected with Clarke. The two bonded throughout the months that followed, and it didn't take long for them to discover that their creative chemistry was potent. Sensing opportunity, Clarke and Day chose to get involved with American pop-punk act Young Culture, eventually taking them on officially as their first combined booking and management client. This partnership immediately proved productive, with the pair arranging a trio of small tours for the band that were a success for all parties involved. Upon viewing the fruits of their labour and realising the potential that existed between them, Clarke and Day made the decision to launch the company that would come to be known as Passenger Entertainment. They haven't looked back since. Passenger will be significantly expanding its roster and operations in 2018, and Clarke and Day look forward to being busier and working harder than ever before.


Biography by Francesco Sturino