What can one expect from Lightworker and their aforementioned Resilience EP? Notes Calderon: “Lightworker is a Metal band that write heavy, guitar-driven songs with melodic vocals that are about facing the trials of life with a quiet sense of hope.” A perfect description of a band with collective influences that range from the chomping bite of Killswitch Engage and Underoath to the eclectic and artistic endeavors of Thrice. They could tour with anyone from, say, up-and-comers Miss May I or Crown The Empire to tried and true favorites like Stone Sour, Skillet, or, hell, even heavyweights like Korn. For further sonic reference, they have shared the stage with the likes of Wage War, The Ghost Inside, Mest, Eyes Set To Kill, Dayseeker, Bad Seed Rising, Gideon, The Nearly Deads, and Varials.

- Jeannie Blue,